“Do you accept commissions?”

Typically, I only accept personal commissions if I can use the resulting image for commercial purposes. This means your commission pays me to create the art, and you can use the art for personal use. You can print it out on paper, blankets, mouse pads, etc, as long as it is for personal use only.

I retain the right to sell the artwork in any form. This allows me to keep my commissions affordable.

If you want commercial licensing so you can sell the artwork, please contact me to discuss terms.

Below prices are personal commission prices

Full colored commission with background

$200 – $1000

Apparel commission, full shirt design

$500 – $2000

Apparel commission, half shirt design

$300 – $1500

Additional sleeve design

$200 – $500

Commission Terms

Typical commission process

You will receive an initial consultation to discuss your commission details. This consultation is provided free of charge as a courtesy.

Within 48 hrs, you will receive a quote with your commission details.

50% of payment is due upfront. This deposit is non-refundable.

After receiving initial deposit, you can expect a sketch within 2-3 weeks. If you have any major adjustment requests, they should be communicated at this time.

The other 50% of payment is due upon approving the sketch.

  • 100% of this fee is refundable within 24 hours
  • 75% of this fee is refundable within 72 hours
  • 50% of this fee is refundable for up to 1 week
  • The fee is non-refundable after 1 week

After receiving the remaining payment, you can expect the finished piece in 4 to 6 weeks.

Rush Fees

Rush fees will be 25% of the commission cost for each week you need rushed. As my schedule is very full, I reserve the right to deny any rush requests.

Adjustment request terms

Major adjustments should be requested when you receive the sketch. You get one free adjustment request at this stage.

Additional major adjustments at the sketch stage may be charged 10-15% a fee.

Major adjustments requested after approving the sketch may be charged a 10-25% fee.

Minor adjustments are provided free of charge as a courtesy, but please keep them to a reasonable amount.

It is up to the my sole discretion to determine what counts as a minor or major adjustment request.

Licensing terms

Standard commission without licensing

  • I reserve all rights, including commercial, to the commission. This means I may re-use your commission piece in my portfolio, website, and merch
  • You may
    • Print the artwork on paper or any other material for personal use
    • Post the artwork online with credit to me, the artist
  • You may not
    • Use the artwork for commercial purposes
    • Alter the artwork
    • Create an NFT from the artwork

Commercial License

  • My commissions by default do not come with a commercial license. All commercial use should be negotiated with me.


Q: Can I commission something not listed here?

A: Yes, you can! Please contact me, and I can provide you a quote!

Q: Do you license existing artwork?

A: Yes, I do! Please contact me so I can understand more!

Q: I want to commission multiple pieces. Do you provide a bulk discount?

A: It depends. Please contact me for a quote.

Q: Why are your commissions priced the way they are?

A: I have very little free time, and I have to price my time accordingly. However, to keep my prices more affordable, I charge less for commissions that I can likely sell in the future as my own merch.

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