Koi Pond Print


Golden, glowing koi swim through a lotus-filled koi bond.

Koi fish originate from China and were first introduced to Japan. They symbolize luck and fortune, but they also symbolize perseverance and determination.

According to Chinese legend, a large school of koi once struggled in their upstream journey against the current of the Yellow River. They came upon an imposing waterfall, and many of them abandoned their journey and turned around. The ones that remained attempted to climb the waterfall for a hundred years before reaching the top. The gods bore witness to their feat of strength and to honor their perseverance, transformed the koi into golden dragons.

11″ x 17″

  • Printed on glossy cardstock
  • Ships in a 12″ poster tube
  • Frame is not included

4″ x 6″

  • Printed on glossy photopaper
  • Ships with a cardboard backing
  • Frame is not included
Weight1 oz

4" x 6", 11" x 17"

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Koi Pond Print
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